Thursday, July 25, 2013

Goodies - July '13 box - It's that time of the month again! No, no, not what you're thinking; this is when my goodies box waits at my doorstep  for me to dig into it and make my tummy a tab bit happier :)

This time the box looked a little different. I wouldn't call it smaller, I'd say more compact. The products inside fit in perfectly, and that's what matter right? I personally prefer this just-right size with lesser packing material. And the change in color to green from blue? Good choice!

July 2013 Taster's Box

Jalapeno sea salt chips- Did you notice the packet in my picture looks a little deflated? It does, and that's because it is empty. And the reason is, that this packet was left alone with me for a few minutes before I could take a picture and post it on the blog. These chips do not taste exceptional when you bite into them, but the taste that they leave in your mouth and the punch that the spice of the jalapeno packs in the end is awesome!

Multi seed crackers - Crunchy, healthy, but taste better with an accompaniment rather than plain. Try hummus, salsa, queso, whatever works for you! I slathered some cream cheese on it and devoured the sinful combination. Hey, the crackers are healthy, so the cheese compensates for that. Right?

Cosmos Cinnamon Crunch - Baked corn, crisp and light, dusted with cinnamon. Great idea; satisfies the craving for a snack as well as a sweet tooth. 

Cherry Lovers- I love fruit chews and cherries, so this combination could not possibly go wrong in any way! I haven't tasted all 9 flavors yet, but the ones I did tasted really good! This packet brings the warm, fuzzy, gummy bear kind of joy :)

Orange Fruit water - C'mon you pessimist, view the bottle in his picture as half-full and not the other way round. Okay, honestly, the reason this bottle is half empty? Point fingers at my husband this time. Refreshing, good taste, soda provides the subtle pop, definitely a must-have when the temperatures outside are in the threatening 80's and 90's!

Moral of the July 2013 Taster's box - Take pictures of the products before you dig into them. Because they're so darned good, it's clearly not possible to stop after a bite/sip!

Go beat the heat and get yourself some goodies goodness @ 

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