Thursday, November 3, 2016

Baby on it's way? I got you covered :)

Watching my 10 month old daughter Gia (who I fondly call G) hold on to furniture and cruise along, with the unsteady gait and the threat of falling on her tush anytime, I am filled with pride and joy! It reminds me of all the times I dreamed of this moment, and how time has flown. Having at least 5 pregnant friends currently, who are among those the internet has successfully managed to overwhelm with it's bottomless pits of information, I am reminded of how I was in a similar situation the same time last year, frantically looking online to see "what newborns need" and "what items a baby should have". Since I didn't have someone to spoon-feed me with this information, I thought I could be the good one here and do my bit :)

What follows in a comprehensive list of what you need for your newborn (into infancy), which I compiled a couple months ago, drawing completely from my own experience.
Use your discretion to buy these items/add them to your registry. 

- Diapers (the hospital should give you a stock in the beginning) Pampers worked better for G than Huggies, but each baby is different. Don't buy plenty in the beginning because you don't know what your baby's size will be. Some completely skip the NB size and start at 0-3 months. So see what the hospital gives then ask the baby daddy to do some diaper buying rounds :)
- Diaper changing pad/table
- Disposable liners for the changing pad/table so it's easy to clean or waterproof pads
- Wipes: Buy the non scented ones, or lightly scented ones from Pampers. They're good for baby's skin. I always wet them with water anyway, then rinse completely and use. Don't use any fancy stuff, there is a chance of baby developing diaper rash. 
- Diaper rash cream (Touch wood, G never had it so never had to use it. That's why I won't be the best person to ask about this :P) or just get petroleum jelly
- Diaper bag, get one with lots of compartments
- Diaper Genie to dispose the dirty ones

The norm is to bathe only after the umbilical cord falls off. Till then only sponge baths. 
- Tub 
- Small mug
- Aveeno shower gel
- Aveeno moisturizer (only start using after a month or 2)

- Aquaphor ointment for dry or irritated skin
- Infant Tylenol (ask your doc, I only kept it as safety when she got her first set of shots)
- Gas Drops (Little Remedies; these things are literally drops of heaven. A lifesaver)
- Vitamin D drops whenever you start formula (again, ask the doc if needed)
- Bulb Syringe (to clear a stuffy nose) which you may get from the hospital, or get Nose Frida
- Digital Thermometer

- 5-6 long onesies (bodysuits)
- 5-6 short onesies
- Caps
- Socks
- Bibs
- Burp cloths
- Pants
- Hooded towels
- Washcloths
- Ready swaddles
- Muslin swaddle cloths
- Mittens to prevent them from scratching their face
- Cotton blankets

Get all sizes in the beginning, ranging from NB - 3-6 months. 

- Very soft bristled hairbrush
- Pacifiers
- Nail clippers for babies
- Nursing bras
- Nursing pads (if you need them only)
- Rattles and small soft toys 
- Laundry detergent (I use Dreft)
- Humidifier
- Teethers
- Activity Gym

- Boppy/feeding pillow
- Lanolin (ointment for healing cracked or bleeding nipples)
- Breast Pump (see what your insurance is covering. Try and get the Medela double electric one)
- Bottle Warmer (Dr. Browns and the first years, both are good)
- Hands free pumping bra
- High Chair (needed only later)

CRIB/BASSINET (Wherever you're planning on keeping the baby)
- A music mobile works wonders to soothe them to sleep.
- Contrary to popular belief, I bought a small pillow for G when she was about 6-10 weeks and she was very comfortable with it.
- Mattress or some other good padding

- Dr. Brown's bottles worked the best. They have a special tube to prevent bubbles so lesser chances of gas. Gas stinks. Both literally and figuratively.
- Bottle cleaning brush
- Bottles/parts dishwasher rack

I never used particular baby oil, only coconut oil occasionally. 

- Car Seat (WE have the Graco one, works super) Comes with a stroller as a set. 
- Infant swing (Graco too)
- Portable pack and play (Again, Graco)

You are probably going to register for most of the stuff and get it then. Don't fret about the other stuff. Sometimes your baby daddy will probably be running out in the middle of the night because you suddenly ran out of diapers :) Just remember to enjoy this phase! Having a baby is awesome no doubt, but being pregnant is a lot of fun too!!


  1. Can't exactly relate to all this, but very well written! :P

  2. Haha all in good time :)
    Nonetheless, thank you!