Friday, October 25, 2013

Goodies - October '13 box

All good things come to an end.
An apt quote to what was a great subscription box service, run by WalmartLabs.
The website bids a warm farewell to all its loyal subscribers and hints at something new bubbling in the pot. Well, we're very excited and look forward!

Until then, let's enjoy the last box of goodies that made its way to my doorstep :)

October 2013 Taster's Box

Peachy keen happy squeeze yogurt - Great tasting, easy squeeze bottle, can't go wrong!

K nourish cereal on the go - Very feasible to carry, for people with crazy work hours who are not allowed the luxury of a relaxed breakfast at work in the morning. The raisins and pecans tasted great. 

Enchanted Chai (Spiced Tea Latte) - Not a big fan of this one.

Guylian Belgian Chocolate - Rich, creamy, delicious indulgence. 

Cherry cobbler gluten free bar - Honestly, I love cherries as a fruit. But in any form other than that I simply don't enjoy it as much. And Gluten free? Apologies to all the gluten free diet lovers but it sure does bring down the taste for sure. 

Easy Make Focaccia Mix - Haven't tried this as yet but I am excited to! Anything to make it easier to enjoy the home made deliciousness of this bread. 

Choco-Pie Fluffy Biscuit - Loved this as a kid. Love it even now. Chocolate and marshmallow in a delectable blend to make this soft, fluffy tasty biscuit a great treat!

Goodbye Goodies; thanks for all the sweetness you brought to my life :)

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