Monday, September 23, 2013

Courage, love and a Mother.

I walked into the office with my file in hand, I thought I was running late,
But she smiled and warmly shook my hand, "I'm early, you did not make me wait".

She was there to discuss her son's progress, how he was doing in therapy and more,
Was he getting the necessary support he needed, what is his prognosis, what is in store.

I walked her through the treatment plan, the goals I had proposed for him,
She smiled at every word I said, beaming, "I have big plans for him!"

I took in her illuminated eyes and her nervous, anxious smile,
After a couple hours we were done talking, and I closed my humongous file.

He had quite a complicated diagnosis, this boy, with physical as well as cognitive delays,
How she could help him be as close to typical as possible, she had thought of a thousand ways.

"I'm a single mother," she explained to me, giving me the family and medical history,
My parents are no more, I have no family, I was adopted when I was three."

I waited patiently, and she went on, "I was on a trip by myself when I first saw my boy,
It was in an orphanage in Guatemala, his sight brought me such joy!"

"They told me he won't have an easy childhood, he had spina bifida at birth,
He might never grow typically, the doctor said, for what it's worth."

I was gripped by her story, her courage, her love, and could not look away,
"He is the one I live for," she said, "we only have each other this day."

"I knew he would have a challenging childhood, I knew life would never be the same,
But he is what I was, years ago, and not adopting him would be a shame."

She looked at the clock, and got up to leave, "Have to get to work! she said,
I choked back tears and smiled a weak smile, out of the office, the way I led.

She drove away, leaving me thinking, how strong and courageous a person she was,
I tried to pin down a certain quality, that made her the way she was.

I thought hard, and thought some more, and then I concluded- it was no other,
but the simple virtue of her wanting to be a mother.

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