Sunday, October 6, 2013

Goodies - September '13 box - Presenting here, my box of joy for September :)

September 2013 Taster's box

Hummus Crisps - Delicious and flavorful air-popped chickpea crisps. Not only are they nutritious, they come pretty close to tasting like the ingredients of one of my favorite cuisines, Mediterranean- tomatoes, basil, feta cheese. Yum. 

Savory Tea - Sipped into this thinking it might taste like what it says it is, tea. To put it simply, it tastes different. Made with organic veggies, wild herbs and decaf tea, the recipe is something that can't go wrong! But may not be my daily pick of the afternoon when I want to kick back and enjoy my book with a cuppa. 

Greek Yogurt Chocolate Bar - See the word 'Perfect' on the wrapper? Pretty much sums up what this bar tastes like. Packed with protein and fiber, it's hard to believe this rich chocolate and creamy yogurt combination is actually good for you. Delicioso. 

Flavored water - The healthiest drink in the world splashed with zero-calorie sweeteners and natural fruit flavor. It seemed a little strong to me but nonetheless, I'd be happy to have it!

Pitted snack olives - Olives on the go? I'll take it! Seasoned with natural sea salt, these savory olives are juicy and packed with flavor. One of my favorite pizza toppings converted to a snack in a convenient packet. 

Fuji Apple Chips - Sweet and crisp, high in fiber and low in calories; being a fruit lover, this is happiness in a packet :)

Honey - Small suitably sized packet of honey, perfect to carry in my purse or while traveling. 

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